Carpentry Services Southampton


Raised bed in Southampton

A 2.4mt x 1.7mt raised bed that fills an otherwise unused patch in the garden. The customer hopes to grow squash and courgettes around the edges so that they can overhang and leaks and onions in the middle. Should work…

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Shed rebuild in Southampton

The customer was hoping I could do something with their much loved and well used shed. The alternative to repair would have been  replacement.  A 20ft x8ft shed  costs around £4000. Then there is the cost of installation to add….

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Refurbishing a garden seat

This chair was of great sentimental value, the customers husband used to use it whilst convalescing, but sadly passed away. So, ‘ whatever it takes’ was the message given to me. Initially I tried to salvage the old slats by…

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Decking in Southampton

Above are  two examples of decking projects I have recently completed. Decking still continues to be popular and since its popularity in the early 1990s, when the basic deck for many was a simple single level surface comprising timber boards…

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Raised Garden Beds

As we all get older bending down can become more difficult if you are a gardener or know of someone who is then a raised bed can make so much difference, they are more manageable than gardening at ground level…

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