Raised Garden Beds

As we all get older bending down can become more difficult if you are a gardener or know of someone who is then a raised bed can make so much difference, they are more manageable than gardening at ground level and you can not only grow flowers but vegetables as well. This raised bed accommodates an odd shaped plot and is used as a strawberry patch, hooks are fitted all around the frame as well and a net pinned to the hooks to keep the blackbirds off (they love strawberries) and will devour the whole lot given half a chance.

The frame was manufactured using 10”x2” tanalised timber and stands 18” high a seat that wraps around one side and along one end makes for a comfortable place to sit whilst tending to the plants.

I am able to make odd sized/shaped raised beds and use materials that are treated to prevent rot many shop bought raised beds are manufactured using 6”x1” timber which will not stand the test of time

raised bed in southampton raised bed

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