How not to hang a door

This customer employed a cowboy who claimed to be a carpenter if you are the carpenter who tried to fit this door – hang your head in shame. The customer told me that she shopped around and went for the cheapest quote, not a wise decision particularly because the carpenter had no contract to give the customer, and no invoice for the subsequent payment made.There is a saying ‘quality endures long after price is forgotten’

This door was fitted by a person who claims to be a carpenter. What’s wrong?

The latch is not centre and stands proud, this will catch on the door frame or keep and cause endless problems.door in southampton 01

The gap at the top is half an inch this is because the door frame itself is not square, that in its self should not be a problem – you shoot the door to the size and shape of the hole .

door in southampton 02

This is with the door shut, it stands proud by about 1” this is because the door stops were not fitted correctly. It’s a mess!

door in southampton 03

The hinge has not been set into the door sometimes you need to do this in order to throw the door over to meet the opposite side in order for the latch to strike the plate in this instance that was not the case, also the screws stand proud so when the door is shut it will bind on the hinge causing over time the hinge to fail.

door in southampton 04

The door does not meet the door stop when closed.

door in southampton 05

Daylight can be seen at the top of the door.

door in southampton 06

The result is a door that does not shut properly and really doesn’t function as a barrier between rooms, on this occasion the door was removed and a new one fitted.

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