On occasions i have been asked to undertake work on property that has been recently purchased, with the new owner keen to get the work done and aware due to a surveyors report that those period windows do require some attention, often experience suggests that the new owner is not prepared for what is to come. Yes the surveyor is absolutely right the exterior joinery does need some attention but a surveyors report does not include a forensic assessment of said joinery, I actually get the ladder out, climb up to take a proper look, such an assessment can come in handy when negotiating a purchase price.
I am able to offer a window and exterior joinery surveying service covering Hampshire and Wiltshire.
I am not a qualified surveyor and do not pretend to be, but i do have 30 years of experience looking at and repairing period and contempory  joinery.
This will be particularly useful if you wish to negotiate a purchase on a property, or you need a unbiased opinion on some exterior windows that you are undecided about replacing or repairing.
A written report with images and recommendations will be formulated and emailed to you along with a hard copy, suggested cost of repairs are included.
Within the scope of the report will be moisture readings at specified points both interior and exterior, assessment of any rot present, identification of types of any rot present, condition of any ironmongery, glazing , beading/putty, weather proofing  of frame to brickwork, condition of any paint/varnishes/stains previously applied,function of any openers or sashes.
Fee’s start from £240.00 for a two up two down in a radius of 5  miles from Southampton city centre. If you are interested please use the contact page on this website.

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