Porch storage boxes

A solution to Porch Pirates

The customer kept getting their milk stolen. They claimed that it was not any one individual but people who on their way home from central
Southampton nightclubs fancied some ‘refreshment’ . Their milk being delivered in the very early hours meant that it stood there overnight for all to see. On top of that problem there was the issue of amazon parcels going missing having been left on the doorstep during daylight hours. ‘Porch Pirates’ was the polite term used to describe such individuals.
So the solution required was two storage boxes that sit behind the brickwork with a top hinged flap. They will keep honest people honest as everything is now out of sight. A simple effective answer to a problem that is more common than I realised – the neighbour now wants some. I am able to make bespoke storage boxes like these to keep delivered items safe. A parcel left on the doorstep is a message to the world saying I am not at home!

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