Rebuilding a Victorian Style door.

 This door was almost beyond saving indeed at one point I thought is it really worth it.

 The glazing had not been installed with adequate sealants so the rain had penetrated behind the beading at the base of the glass and the result as you can see was extensive rot   to the middle rail.

This was an event that took years of water ingress to end up in such a state of disrepair.

 A new piece was introduced and fitted by keys rather than a mortise and tenon joint. The reason being that I did not want to open up the door further than I had  to. All beading was  replaced as well. A lot of this was also rotten. It had been pinned to the door with very little adhesive so the result here was rotting along the bead line. 53 hours later, one very happy customer and a door good to go.

It was primed with a yacht primer and will be painted by a third party. This is a mass produced door sold by a national chain the core is made up of Rubber wood and from what I could deduce Meranti which is a low grade Hardwood. It is then overlaid with a veneer giving the impression of a solid Hardwood door.

All well and good the core being made of timber staves glued prevents warping. But if more attention was made to the glazing and beads then this would not have happened.

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