Pontoon replacement

Pontoon repairs in southampton

This had had its day with the handrail dangerously loose and a lot of the decking rotten and unstable.

The old Pontoon before renovations

The first thing to do was to remove the whole superstructure leaving just the piles in place. These were still sound showing little or no rot. A testament to Greenheart which is one of the most robust timbers available.

Leveling the pontoon

Next, leveling by strings this is not only to find the level for laying a deck but also the width so that the timber laid will be of equal width and true to the eye.

Pontoon fastening

The bearers and sides called strings are now fastened to the piles in preparation for the deck and handrails.

All fastenings used are stainless steel. Normal green decking screws and bolts would soon start to rust in this marine environment.

Pontoon posts and handrails

Newel posts and handrails are fixed to the strings. These I machined off site from 100x100mm stock.

New pontoon decking

And finally the decking. Non slip decking was laid and fastened. All timber used throughout being double vac tanalised so treated twice this extends the lifetime of the timber which should exceed 25yrs. As time passes the wood will melow in colour and end up being a dark honey colour.

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