Fire Wood store and storage

This Fire Wood store and storage area made use of a redundant corner in a back garden. Constructed from Tanalised softwood for extra durability with Cedar wood
tingles for the roof it should last a few years to say the least, I also used stainless steel fastenings to give the whole piece a’ belt and braces’ specification. I think that the Cedar wood tingles although initially not cheap really finish off the piece nicely. Much better than an ash felt roof and longer lasting as well, Cedar wood tingles should last around 25years. Ash felt between 5 and 10 years depending on the grade used.
So in the long run Cedar wood tingles actually work out cheaper.
Tanalised timber is a pressure treatment that preserves wood from fungal attack and wood boring insects. When first treated it adds a green tinge to the surface of the wood, the treatment uses copper and other chemicals to a depth of about 3mm. After a period of time and exposed to weather the green tinge gives way to a honey brown and finally a silver grey appearance.
Cedar wood is usually left as is, as it is a highly durable timber with natural resistance to insect attack and superb weathering characteristics.

 Fire Wood store and storage

Fire wood store area from Tanalised softwood

Cedar wood roof in southampton

Cedar wood tingles for the roof

 Fire Wood store and storage

Fire Wood store and storage in Southampton


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