Under-stair Storage and Fixing Squeaky Stairs

Understair storage is a great way of utilising space under the stairs, particulary if shelves are incorperated into the design. Cupboards can hide all that stuff that clutters up the hallway – boots, coats, pushchairs, vacuum cleaners, and so on.  These doors are custom built using TGV – tongue and groove V-jointed pine, and are hung onto a timber frame made around the opening under the stairs. The space here was used to create a larder and cooking utensil cupboard as the kitchen is next to the stairs.

These stairs creaked every time someone used them. The treads and risers had come adrift from the strings (the side bits),  so a series of wedges and timber blocks were used to alleviate this problem. The customer was very grateful, having been told that they needed a new stair case by two other carpenters, so they saved themselves a whole lot of money and inconvenience.

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