Carpentry Services Southampton

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Significantly reduce heat loss and save money

A single clear window film that reduces thermal loss to such an extent that your single glazed windows will now perform BETTER than a double glazed unit.A Double glazed unit has a ‘U’ value of between 3 and 1.8 this…

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Beautiful Hand-made Shelving Units

A custom made cupboard

This shows a completed shelving unit which was built into a chimney breast in aVictorian terraced property. The object was to create a copy from a original thatwas taken out by a previous owner, using an old photo.

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Boat Joinery and Boat or Yacht Repairs

Boat joinery in southampton

The restoration of the interior of this boat, a 40ft Edwardian Gentleman’s Motor Yacht, to give it its correct description, was undertaken back in the early 1990s using reclaimed pitch pine sourced from the old Southampton dock. It was finished over a…

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