Significantly reduce heat loss and save money

A single clear window film that reduces thermal loss to such an extent that your single glazed windows will now perform BETTER than a double glazed unit.
A Double glazed unit has a ‘U’ value of between 3 and 1.8 this depends on the type of gas used to fill the cavity between the glass. A Treble glazed unit has a ‘U’ value of between 1.5 and .9 again depending on the type of gas used to fill the cavities. Using a low ‘E’ E means low emissivity, energy saving film on single glazed windows reduces the ‘U’ value down to 1.14 this is lower than double glazed units.

The lower the ‘U’ value the better the thermal insulation.

The film is totally clear and can be fitted to all types of glass with the exception of laminate glass and obscure glass where the pattern is on the inside. The film can be fitted without the removal of glass and the addition of extra weights in sash windows and is suitable for listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas where double glazing is not permitted.

Another benefit is that it has a 99% UV rejection so your curtains, soft furnishings and flooring will not fade in summer light. It is a completely clear film from both sides which will not alter the appearance or light levels.

A thermal shield against heat loss in winter through the glass thus reducing the amount of energy required to heat a room which in turn means lower energy bills. An investment that will pay for itself .

If you combine this with the addition of brush seal draught excluders to your windows you will reduce heat loss even further. Fitting the film alone will not reduce draughts through ill-fitting windows or doors. See my notes on draught proofing on this website a combination of both film and draught excluders will transform the window into a high performance barrier against the outside elements.

Your question answered

What is it?

A heavy Duty totally clear window film that will be as efficient as double glazing in keeping the cold out and the heat in your home, It will pay for itself given the current cost of energy almost within months.

How does it work?

By using a ‘low E’ coating that reflects heat back into the room and prevents cold temperatures passing through the glass into the room.

How does it compare to double glazing?

As good if not better than double glazing depending on the gas used to fill the cavity of the double glazed unit. The film has a ‘U’ value of 1.14 a double glazed unit has a ‘U’ value of between 1 and 3. The lower the ‘U’ number the more efficient it is at keeping the cold out.

Is it cheaper than double glazing?

Yes, about 70% cheaper than double glazing retrofitted into wooden windows and 90+% cheaper than having your single glazed windows removed and double glazed windows installed.

How messy is it to install?

No mess No dust and installed in 1 day to an average bay window.


It cannot be fitted onto laminate glass or obscure glass where the rough or patterned side is on the inside of the property. It cannot be fitted when the surface temperature of the glass is below 2degrees. It cannot be fitted onto cracked glass.


10 year guarantee against peeling or cracking.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes, use a soft damp cloth but no chemical cleaning solvents.

What about the summer?

99% UV rejection so no fading of fabrics

3 Comments on “Significantly reduce heat loss and save money

  1. I noticed that the room wasn’t so cold in the evening after having this film fitted. It really has made a difference. Thank you Ian. I am looking forward to reducing my energy bill this winter. I am going to have the whole house done .

    • Thanks Paul for your comment. I am pleased that you are seeing the benefit of this window film. Look forward to fitting in the rest of the house when you’re ready.

  2. This has made a difference to my bedroom, definitely warmer at night and has helped with condensation as well. Pleased I have had this fitted.

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