A solution to Double Glazing in wooden windows

New performant solution for Double glazing windows

Some exciting developments have been made in Double Glazing technology. And finally a solution to retrofitting traditional single glazed wooden windows with a double glazed unit has been developed.It is now possible to have a 6.7mm or a 7.7mm clear double glazed unit. The statistics are impressive.It’s actually better at insulating homes than double or triple glazing with an impressive unbeatable U value of 0.7. The higher the ‘U’ value the less its insulating properties.It’s also better at sound reduction than double or triple glazing with a sound reduction of 35db. The higher the ‘db’ number the better it is at sound insulation.Also the internal pane temperature outperforms double and triple glazed units.

The valuessingle glazingslimline double glazingdouble glazingtriple glazingnew 6.7mm
light transmission9080807180
sound reduction2931313235
internal pane temp with outside temp1c13.6c15.7c17.28c17.7c

This glass can also be fitted  into frames using putty which means that retro fitting into heritage windows is now possible.These double glazed units solve the problem of retrofitting and basically all that I have said and written about not being able to fit a double glazed unit into a wooden window without compromising the integrity of the window itself have now been overcome. I will say though that these units are not cheap but they do come with a 15yr guarantee which is in itself way ahead of conventional d/g units. 


Double Glazing technology
New Double Glazing technology

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