A stained glass window in Southampton.

A particularly tricky project with possible issues arising from the stained glass segments falling out or worse still breaking.
The stained glass itself is in a very ‘tired’ condition with the lead cames shot and the cement between the cames and glass cracked or missing. This is in addition to the rotten timber windows.
Normally I would take out the windows and glass and rebuild but that would entail something in the region of 200 hours labour. The windows also have not been opened for at least 30years and I was not going to attempt opening them.After some thought I decided to tape up the glass inside and out and then tackle the repair of the timber. Taking my time using specialist cutting blades set on a very high speed to reduce vibration I replaced the rotten timber with new. Thankfully it worked.

On a separate note I advised the customer to insure these as an extra on their household insurance as the replacement costs would be somewhere in the region of £20,000 if the worst was to happen and a house fire destroyed the whole lot. Lead has a low melting point.

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