The finest Gothic revivalist window

This is probably the finest example of a Gothic revivalist window that I have ever seen. I came across this sash window whilst on a weekend break in Ely, Cambridgeshire. My reason for visiting this city-the second smallest in Britain, was to see the Cathedral and the Stained glass museum within.

Gothic revivalist window

Symmetrical Gothic windows

Gothic revivalist window

The finest example of a Gothic revivalist window

This beauty is in the high street above a building society.

The Tracery- that’s the timber elements that support the glass is truly extraordinary with its hidden intricate joints dividing the whole window into symmetrical perfection.
The Angel lights – the upper panes of glass on the curved window section, from what I can determine are a combination of fused and painted glass resulting in an outstanding visual display of colour and patterns. And to top it all the Crockets- the figurative carvings and frieze that adorns the frame. It does not get better than this.I stood there for some time admiring this masterpiece of joinery and glazing.

My wife does think that I am slightly odd to get so carried away with a window! But for me this is art.
I imagine it was made during the revivalist period for all things gothic say around 1820s /30s. I can only hazard a guess at the extraordinary effort that went into designing manufacturing and installation of this piece. All for the expression of love for a style called Gothic.
Sad to say that I can see areas that do require some work, particularly the putty which if left will continue to break down, crack and allow wet rot to take a hold. I do hope that someone is going to look after this for future generations to admire.

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