Replacement Doors in Southampton

These replacement doors are six panel grained doors with contemporary handles. This style of door is known as a moulded door and comes in a variety of styles: six, four, or two panelled, grained or smooth.


New doors installed in Southampton

You can also get arched-top doors in all sizes from 1ft 8″ to 3ft, in both metric and imperial sizes. I can also supply many other styles of doors, in hardwood and soft wood, interior and exterior, with many glazing and security options. I’ve got a thing about doors (I guess someone has to) and will often take time to stop and marvel at a hand made door when out and about, and appreciate the workmanship and design that has gone into it and its functionality.


New door

I have studied doors that are well over 300 years old and are still being used as a main entrance door. Simple maths tells me that if it is only used twice a day that’s an incredible 434,400 times that it has been used. The beauty is that the basic principle of door construction has not changed that much: mortise and tenoned with twin tenons on the centre rail, with the better ones being wedged tenons. There are some examples of fine doors in Southampton, particularly around the older parts of the City Centre, Polygon, and Highfield.

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