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Continuous Handrail.

An elderly customer required a continuous handrail from the top to the bottom of a winding staircase. This was essential as they found it difficult to let go and remain steady before grabbing the next section. By providing this handrail…

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Replacement of Front Porch

I was asked over the phone to do a repair. On my visit it soon became obvious this porch was way beyond repair. The roofing felt had perished letting in the rain which resulted in a completely rotten ceiling and…

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Rebuilding a Victorian Style door.

 This door was almost beyond saving indeed at one point I thought is it really worth it.  The glazing had not been installed with adequate sealants so the rain had penetrated behind the beading at the base of the glass…

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Pontoon replacement

Pontoon repairs in southampton

This had had its day with the handrail dangerously loose and a lot of the decking rotten and unstable. The first thing to do was to remove the whole superstructure leaving just the piles in place. These were still sound…

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Scarfing in French Doors

Scarfing in, the process of renovating frenchdoors

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Behive design

I was asked to manufacture a box for Bee’s. The customer who is currently undertaking a PHD in Animal Psychology at Exeter University needed a specific sized box with handles enabling it to be carried to different locations. There also…

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Restoration of 1930s conservatory chairs

These two chairs are made from sprung steel so when you sit on them you can gently rock back into the seat and it will gently spring back. The steel appeared to be in reasonable condition. The timber slats and…

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Boxing in pipework

Not the most glamorous of projects but an essential one particularly when the pipes run down the corner of a living room. Rather than butt two pieces of MDF together which look amateurish and unsightly I carry a stock of edging…

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Storage/Display drawers

Display drawers in oak

This set of storage/display drawers are made with solid Oak drawers, top and legs

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Replacement beading to exterior doors.

These doors in essence are in good condition. Indeed the french doors are handmade from Burmease Teak -probably the most robust of all timbers but alas no longer available and actually illegal to import into the uk. These are about 30…

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