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Under-stair Storage and Fixing Squeaky Stairs

Understair storage is a great way of utilising space under the stairs, particulary if shelves are incorperated into the design. Cupboards can hide all that stuff that clutters up the hallway – boots, coats, pushchairs, vacuum cleaners, and so on.  These doors are…

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Boat Repairs

Here are some images showing repairs to a fishing boat, replacing in part the rubbing strake and gunwale – this is the side of the boat – and the replacement of the foredeck and deck beam.

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Replacement External Steps

This shows some replacement external steps. The wood is finished in non-slip clear coating.

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Decking and Replacement Steps

These are images of decking and replacement steps. The decking was laid on top of the old tired deck and the steps were replaced reusing anti-slip pads. Tannalised redwood has been used, with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee – not…

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Book Case

This bookcase is made from joinery grade pine with a birch-faced ply back. The pictures show the manufacture and the putting together (clamping up) of the bookcase and finally the completed product. It will be finished in wax by the customer.

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Replacement Decking


This shows a replacement decking fitted on top of an existing one that was showing signs of decay.

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Replacement Doors in Southampton

These replacement doors are six panel grained doors with contemporary handles. This style of door is known as a moulded door and comes in a variety of styles: six, four, or two panelled, grained or smooth. You can also get…

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Restored Teak Parquet Flooring

finished parquet

Here is the completed room. I was surprised and impressed by the quality of this floor. Burmese Teak is as rare as rocking horse droppings as there have been no imports of this timber for many years, due to trading restrictions,…

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Replacement of Tired Garage Doors

These photos show the removal of a set of tired garage doors, and the installation of a single-framed ledge-and-brace door with fixed TGV panels either side.

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Replacement Window

This is the replacement of window, by beading and scarfing-in replacement cills on the corner section of a hardwood conservatory. The beading was machined from stock wood because the exact moulding was not available off the shelf.

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